Eighth Grade

In preparation for growing as readers and writers together, I am requiring you to read two books this summer, but I am challenging you to read more!

My main goal for you this summer is that you KEEP READING! We do our best reading when we are fully invested in a book because we chose it! We all have our favorite authors and genres, but it can be fun to challenge ourselves to read beyond our go-to paper-bound worlds.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
Select at least two books, focusing on fulfilling one or more of the below challenges.

Step 2:
Complete DOG EARS for each book, and be prepared to submit these the first day of school.

Dog Ears Instruction Sheet

You should always include textual evidence to support your answers. Don’t forget to cite the page number!

Step 3:
Challenge yourself to see how many books you can read! Meet as many challenges as you can; create some of your own; be inspired; JUST. READ.

Challenges to Choose From:

  1. A #BookTok Recommendation
  2. A book with all or mostly non-human characters.
  3. A book based entirely on its cover.
  4. A book that has or will have a TV or Movie adaptation
  5. A book you can read in one sitting
  6. A book your mom or dad loves
  7. A book you started but never finished
  8. A graphic novel
  9. A Bible Study or Spiritual Commentary
  10. A book published either the year you were born OR published in 2022.
  11. A book that won an award
  12. A non-fiction book about something you’ve always wanted to know more about
  13. A book chosen by a bookstore clerk
  14. A play
  15. A collection of poems or short stories.