Build your own Reindeer Ornament - Jeffrey Girala

Build your own Reindeer Ornament – Jeffrey Girala

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It all began as a class project when I was a student in third grade. As a Christmas gift for our parents, each student was asked to make a reindeer ornament out of clothespins and decorate it. I colored the hooves with black markers, added the googly eyes, a loop of gold string, and glued the clothespins together. The final touch was a red nose in honor of Rudolph, my hero at the time for saving Santa Claus and Christmas (It took me a while to realize he did it every year). “Rudy” as I call him was ready.

I gave “Rudy” to my mom as a gift and she loved it, giving me a hug and placing him in a prime position on the family Christmas tree that year. It has been over 30 years since that Christmas with a few different artificial trees and countless ornaments along the way. “Rudy” continues to be placed on the tree every year. “Rudy” has needed some loving attention at times to repair a dangling tail or a loose eye, but remains a cherished gift by my mother and a fond Christmas memory from childhood for me. I look forward to seeing “Rudy” every year on the tree.

Jeffrey Girala, Graphic Communications



  • 3 Wooden clothespins (the ones without the metal springs. Available at craft stores.)
  • Glue (any sort of glue will work)
  • Small white puff balls
  • Tiny red and/or black puff balls
  • Small googly eyes
  • Optional Items:
    Brown paint, loop of ribbon, glitter, bells, stickers
    or anything else you’d like to decorate with


Step 1:
Glue two clothespins together facing the same way for the body and legs
(Include a loop of ribbon between the clothespins if you would like to make the reindeer as an ornament.)

Glue on a third flipped up to be the head and antlers.

Step 2:
Glue a little white ball on the back.

Step 3:
Glue on the eyes and a tiny puff nose (color of your choice).

Step 4:
Decorate as you wish.


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