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Welcome from Grace School Parents Club

GRACE SCHOOL PARENTS CLUB (GSPC) is the Parent-Teacher Association/Organization (PTA/PTO) at Grace School.
The purpose of the Grace School Parents Club (GSPC) is to provide support to the students, faculty, administration, staff and their families through volunteerism and organized fundraising. Every parent or legal guardian of a student currently enrolled at Grace School along with staff are automaticmembers of the GSPC.
The mission of GSPC is to provide a positive, inclusive organization for all Grace School families focused on providing the best experience and environment for the student body and faculty. GSPC offers opportunities for families to volunteer their time and talents in an effort to support the students, faculty and staff. All monies raised throughout the year are given back to the school.
While there are no dues and membership is free, we’re asking all families to consider making a membership donation of $25 to $75 to help support the wonderful events we arrange throughout school year. To make a membership donation, you can drop off your check to the front desk made out to the GSPC or you can donate online.
The GSPC organizes and promotes these wonderful Friend-raisers and Faith-raisers.

“Amazing Grace” – family support and prayer

  • Amazing Grace was created to provide a small token of care, comfort and prayer for Grace School families who are dealing with a life trauma.
  • If you know of a Grace School student, faculty or staff member who is facing a traumatic event such as the death of an immediate family member, major illness or surgery, please notify us at gspc@graceschool.org.

“Grace the Teachers” – teacher / staff appreciation events

  • Grace families appreciate our wonderful teachers, administration and staff, so we make sure they know it by ‘gracing the teachers’ and staff with snacks in the teacher’s lounges every month, organizing Appreciation Luncheons (or dinners) and gifting them with Christmas treat baskets.
  • Sign-up for the Christmas treat baskets will be sent out early December for all parents who want to participate!

Birthday Club – It’s your birthday!

  • Sign up to have your child’s special day recognized at school with birthday free dress and a personalized sign displayed in carpool/curbside lane.
  • Don’t forget about those summer birthdays! We can recognize them on their half-birthday or any day you choose.
  • Has your child’s birthday already passed? No worries! Select the day you want them to be recognized.
  • Registration ends September 30.
  • Click here to register for Birthday Club.

Box Tops – earn money for Grace while you shop

  • Box Tops is back digitally with the Box Tops App.
  • No more clipping, collecting and counting.
  • When you shop at your favorite grocery store, scan your receipt (within 14 days of your shopping trip) and the participating items you purchased will earn money for Grace School.
  • Please follow the link below to download the free Box Tops App to get started today: Box Tops 4 Education – How to Earn

GatorWear – “We’ve got spirit; yes, we do. We’ve got spirit; how ‘bout you?”

  • Shop for your Grace School spirit wear here! Gator Wear items
  • We offer spirit t-shirts, long & short sleeve athletic shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts and hats for the whole family!
  • The outerwear (hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets) sold here can be worn at school and in the classrooms with the school uniforms.

“Social Graces” – Fun for our families and parents

  • Organizes social activities for Grace parents and families (sometimes just for Moms or Dads) to promote community, fellowship and unity!
  • Last year’s events included: Family Night Out/Back-2-School Bash, Monthly Mom’s Night Out, Mom’s Auction-Night Party, guest speakers, viewing of ScreenAgers for parents.

Grace School Parents Club Executive Board 2022-2023

Jennifer Arnold-Popp

Carrie Pisklak
1st Vice President

Erin Williams
2nd Vice President/Treasurer

Kelsey Beasley
Assistant Treasurer

Kim Pipkins
Recording Secretary/Public Relations

Cathy Harper
Corresponding Secretary

Ashley McNally

Box Tops for Education™

Once again this year, our school will be participating in the Box Tops for Education™ program. Good news is that it will be EASIER than before. No more clipping!

To find out details, click on the adjacent Box Top link.
Thank you in advance for any support you can give.

If you have any questions, email gspc@graceschool.org.
Thank you for supporting Grace School.

Parents Club FAQ

What is the Grace School Parents Club?

The Grace School Parents Club (GSPC) is a place to provide support to Grace School students and faculty through volunteerism and organized fundraising.

How can I become a supporter of the Grace School Parents Club?

We would love to collect a donation to the GSPC from our families to help support the wonderful events that GSPC carries out during the school year. The suggested amount is $25 – $50 per family. Please drop off your check to the front desk made out to the GSPC.

Who becomes a member of the Grace School Parents Club?

Membership in the GSPC is automatic for every parent or legal guardian of a child currently enrolled in Grace School, as well as the faculty and staff of Grace School.

Why should I support the Grace School Parents Club?

The Grace School Parents’ Club provides a great opportunity to meet new friends and Grace School families, volunteer your time and talents, and support our children and faculty. All monies raised throughout the year are given back to the school.

What type of fundraising and support events does the Grace School Parents Club promote?

The GSPC promotes gator wear, uniform resale, teacher appreciation luncheons, Grace School auction and other exciting events throughout the school year.