Do you find yourself asking…

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What kind of person do I want my child to be?

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What is the end goal of my child’s education?

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Is my child reaching his/her full potential?

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Is my child truly known by their teacher?

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Is my child developing a love of learning?

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Will my child be prepared for high school and beyond?

You are asking the right questions.

Like you, most of the families that walk through our doors are looking for a place that partners with parents to help their children thrive and flourish intellectually, spiritually, relationally, physically and emotionally. Finding a private school in Houston, where your child can grow, thrive and flourish can too often seem an impossible task.

At Grace School, our admissions office is dedicated to helping you learn more about our unique environment. An environment where children are known by their teachers as individual learners and are supported by a community of like-minded families with the same hopes and dreams for their children. A place where students are empowered to make their own decisions about how they will navigate their world with the knowledge, critical thinking and self-advocacy skills needed to be successful in school and beyond.

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If this sounds like the perfect place for your child, then start your journey at Grace School.

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I am excited for your interest in Grace School. As a proud mom of two Grace gators myself, I am honored to share with you what makes Grace School a unique and exceptional environment that will allow your child grow and thrive in such a critical stage in their life. I invite you to start your journey here and come on campus to experience firsthand all of the opportunities for children to grow in faith, leadership, community, academics and much more. I look forward to learning more about you and your family and sharing more about Grace School with you.

Laura Greenway, Admissions


Laura Greenway
Director of Admissions

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