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STEM Education

What does a Faith and STEM education look like?

Grace School is a private, faith-based STEM School where children develop the skills and mindsets to become compassionate innovators, problem solvers and changemakers.

We’ve created an environment where students…

  • feel safe to explore,
  • are not afraid to take risks, and
  • develop the tools to figure out the answer for themselves.

At Grace, we’re preparing our students for the future and exposing them to ideas that stretch their minds. We are leading STEM in the Houston area independent/private school sector.

From ages 20 months through Eighth Grade, we teach our students to think critically, make connections and be unafraid to pursue their ambitions despite their uncertainty.

From a student’s academic start in preschool to the final Destination D.C. project in Eighth Grade, everything is connected. Our curriculum builds year after year so that every discipline and every subject at every grade level is appropriately challenging yet rewarding.

Our instructional strategies are designed to equip students with the content knowledge, critical thinking and self-advocacy skills needed to be successful throughout their education and to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Through hands-on, project based, experiential learning, we’re empowering students to make their own decisions about how they will navigate their world. It also helps them make profound real-world connections.

Our students use STEM to solve existing problems with an emphasis on humanitarian efforts. One student might watch a broadcast on the mudslides in Thailand and get inspired to discover new ways to air drop packages to affected citizens. Another group may feel passionate about vertical gardening and research methods on how to increase biological production while reducing geographic and carbon footprint.

Our values manifest as a series of purposeful ways to connect our students to a 21st-century landscape with profound humility, grace and empathy in serving others. It prepares them to thrive in today’s world — and to shape tomorrow’s.

STEM at Grace School Houston
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