Sixth – Eighth Grade

Grace Middle School equips our students to confidently and successfully meet the demands of life in high school by providing purposeful teaching, first-class programs and strategies to build positive academic skills and behaviors. In fact, our alumni often comment that they feel very well prepared to cope with the demands of study at the high school level as they excel in their academic classes.

Middle School corresponds with a crucial time in the social and emotional development of a child. Our passionate faculty and small class sizes give students the freedom to make mistakes and to learn resilience and ownership in the process. In an educational environment characterized by engagement and mutual respect, students celebrate each other’s achievements, develop their individual talents and nurture their growing independence.

From our teaching approach to our carefully designed curriculum and broad range of elective options, Middle School students enjoy the full range of experiences they need in order to grow as self-aware, confident learners ready to thrive when they reach high school and beyond.

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

High School Placement

At Grace School, high school counseling begins in the fall of a student’s seventh grade year. At that time, the Middle School invites all seventh and eighth grade parents to attend High School Night—a night to review the private high school admission process, testing, establish a timetable and set expectations for the coming year.

In the fall, all eighth grade students participate in several initiatives designed to help them organize and prepare for the high school admission process. Throughout the student’s eighth grade year, there are many opportunities for guidance to complete tasks including resume writing, completing applications and mock interviews.

Some High Schools Grace School Graduates Attend:

  • Houston Christian High School
  • Episcopal High School
  • Memorial High School
  • Stratford High School
  • St. Agnes Academy
  • Strake Jesuit College Preparatory
  • St. Pius X High School
  • The Kinkaid School
  • St. Thomas High School
  • The Village School