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Lower School

We celebrate these years of childhood by creating an environment where children embody positive attitudes toward learning, cultivating friendships and solving real-world problems.

Grace School - Private School in Houston

Spanning grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, Lower School represents a time of extraordinary growth. In these elementary years, students not only build a strong foundation of academic knowledge, but they also cultivate independent study skills and deepen their understanding of what it means to be a member of a community.

At Grace School, we believe children are naturally curious and creative. They exude a joy for learning throughout the elementary years. That’s why we have a Lower School program that provides strong core classes, while teaching students to think critically about the world around them as they explore their interests and creativity.

Our curriculum sets the stage for students to acquire the skills to be effective and engaged learners. They learn to analyze, synthesize and think critically, to listen carefully and ask questions, to embrace diverse perspectives and to cooperate and collaborate with others. Christian values consume every aspect of our school day, inspiring students to see how kindness and empathy can shape their lives, our community and the world. We believe these foundational skills will prepare them for future success throughout school and in their lives beyond.

Lower School isn’t just about academic success—it’s about learning how to be your best self and having the self-awareness to discover the character traits needed to do your best work.

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Our Staff

Our highly qualified and skilled teachers know that relationships are the foundation for learning.

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Innovative Literacy Program

We strive to build confident readers and writers by celebrating student-published works.

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We offer a student-centered approach in which children learn through the experience of solving a real-world, open-ended problem.

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One-to-One Devices

Our differentiated, individualized approach allows technology to flow seamlessly throughout the curriculum.

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Weekly Chapel and Christian Studies provide students the opportunity to explore Christian values.

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Character Education

Chapel families, service learning, leadership council and Gator News allow students to engage in social and emotional learning.

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