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The Grace School Library

Offering a wealth of print and digital resources

On any given day, a visitor to the Grace School Library might see members of a book club engaging in lively dialogue about the latest books they’ve read, while first graders sit in the storytelling circle, spellbound as the librarian reads to them.

Our professional library staff maintains a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, in which students and teachers can prepare for classes, seek assistance and advice in using the library’s collections and work on research projects.

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Digital Library


The OverDrive Collection is an extension of Grace School’s physical library, only it’s online with 24/7 access to eBooks. It’s convenient for students to check out titles anytime, anywhere, with no worry about misplacing a book. The digital titles are automatically returned at the end of the two-week lending period.  Having access to these additional books will hopefully encourage students to read more than ever!

Access OverDrive

How does it work?

To use the Grace School Digital Library, students browse the secure website, borrow with their student login information and enjoy reading on their computer, tablet, smartphone or eReader device. The Digital Collection includes various genres of fiction as well as a variety of non-fiction topics.

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