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Primary School

Our Primary School encourages early learners’ natural propensity to question, to create and to discover.

We foster children’s natural curiosity and interests, challenging them through hands-on, play-based activities to build their foundation for school and learning.


  • Twos (2 years old by December 31)
  • Threes (3 years old by December 31)
  • Prekindergarten 3 (3 years old by September 1)
  • Prekindergarten 4 (4 years old by September 1)

Opportunities in and out of the classroom give students the tools to understand the world around them. Our broad Primary School curriculum exposes students to everything from social studies to mathematics, language and communication skills, and music and motor skills. Accredited by NAEYC, our preschool learning is fueled by natural curiosity, hands-on lessons, and personalized for the student’s educational journey. We activate their natural mode of learning through play, engagement and conversations. Every aspect of the day is intentional teaching.

Our teachers develop positive relationships, encourage and nurture each child, learning his/her personalities and abilities. We understand and embrace the idea that a child’s first experiences with school must do more than just teach foundational skills. We know that young children are still developing their sense of who they are as a person, their understanding of what it means to work cooperatively with others and their ability to regulate their emotions in order to negotiate social situations with peers and adults.

Success for us means not only the acquisition of foundational concepts and skills, but also the adoption of good habits and immersion in a culture which values learning and faith.

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Our Staff

Compassionate, caring, relational teachers who understand a family’s first school experience.

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Differentiated lessons and shared reading creates engaging literacy experiences for young students.

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STEM activities, including hands-on experiments, gardening, music and crafts foster observation skills and a sense of wonder.

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Self-help Skills

Fundamental skills such as eating with a fork, putting on and removing coats and taking care of one’s possessions prepare children for independence and the school experience the following year.

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Weekly Chapel provides students the opportunity to explore values of the Christian faith.

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Play-based Learning

Tactile play develops fine and gross motor skills, physical play stimulates growth and make-believe play accelerates social-emotional learning.

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