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Map It! Sixth Grade Students Create Maps of Houston

By December 12, 2019Grace News

During the months of October and November, 6th grade students studied maps in the Social Studies class.  They learned about the important features that enable us to read and interpret maps – legends, keys, and scales.  They discovered various types of maps and all of the geographical information they represent.  Students read about the history of mapmaking and how maps have changed with technological advancements.

As a culminating activity, students worked with a partner to create a map for a “new student” to Grace School and to Houston. The students selected locations around the city of Houston and created a map, to scale, showing the destinations in relation to Grace School.

Several of the students enrolled in Technology chose to take the project up a notch.  The students used the TinkerCad program to create map icons and print them using the Technology lab’s 3D printer.

While Google Maps is very popular, over 98% of the students agreed that the ability to read and interpret a paper map, any type of paper map, is a worthwhile and valuable skill.