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Alumni Stories: Daniel Baudin, Class of 2012 at Grace School

By December 15, 2021April 11th, 2022Alumni, Grace News
Daniel Baudin

Daniel’s time at Grace School and Grace Presbyterian Church (GPC) was going to make a much more significant impact than he could have ever imagined.  We sat down with Daniel Baudin to talk about his time at Grace School and what he hopes to achieve being back at GPC as the Student Ministries Associate.

Alum Interview with Daniel Baudin

Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I started at Grace School when I was three and graduated from eighth grade in 2012. After college, I came home to Houston and joined the GPC staff as the Student Ministries Associate. I was so delighted to get an opportunity to be a part of my home church, give back to Grace School and be an impactful leader to these students. I want to help, support, show up, and walk with these students as much as they need me.

Share with us one of your favorite Grace School memories.

I couldn’t pick just one memory because being a part of the Grace community is my most cherished memory. My graduating class consisted of 28 students. We were all very close, attended school activities together, and our families were all friends. We all grew up together. I remember that back in 2011, I was a part of the Grace soccer team. We won first place for the first time in school history. We were all so ecstatic and thrilled with this accomplishment. Moments like these are what I hold near my heart and cherish when reflecting on my Grace School years.

What was the name of one Grace School teacher who truly made an impact in your life?

Coach Graves made a massive impact on me at Grace School and after. He loved me in a Christ-like way and was incredibly intentional in everything he taught. He would never forget facts about his students and what mattered to them. He always made a deliberate effort to remember and keep up with each student. I want to do the same and show my students that I care for them, what they do, and help them walk through life.

Another teacher who significantly impacted my life was my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Shumate, the Lower School principal. She has some great qualities as a leader and giver. She made sure to reflect those qualities to her students and showed compassion. Now I get to witness her children attend Grace School, and I can see her reflection in them. I’m honored to be able to mentor them as she mentored me.

What was one lesson you learned during your Grace School years that helped you in your career and beyond?

I learned a vital lesson from my time at Grace School but didn’t focus on it until much later in life. Recognize. You must recognize that you can’t do everything yourself, and it is okay to lean on others for support. I recognized that so many people cared about me and want to work with me and help me. It also taught me that I need to lean more on Jesus for those unanswered questions and support. We are not meant to do everything ourselves and ultimately work with others and Jesus to recognize who we are. I took my time at Grace School for granted, and even if I can impact one student to not take their time at Grace for granted, I will have accomplished what I set out to do. I learned so many lessons at Grace School that helped me navigate my time through high school, college, choosing my career and personal life.

Where did you attend High School?

Houston Christian High School

Where did you attend college?

I graduated from Baylor University with a bachelor’s in Religion and Ministry.

What do you do now?

I work as a Student Ministries Associate for GPC and work with middle and high school students throughout Houston. I help with Middle School Chapel for Grace Middle School, I want to be involved in every student’s life as much as they want me there, to love and care for them. We plan annual events, mission trips, serve days, lock-ins, and so much more! I want to serve and love the community and bring all these younger kids together, like the role models I had. I want the kids to know that they can be whoever they want and not be afraid, because we are all in a safe space and loved by Jesus and others. I am also a worship leader for GPC on Sunday mornings and teach Sunday School. My goal is to support these kids as much as I can in any way, shape or form. I want to always show up.

How does it feel to come back to GPC and work here versus when you were a student here?

When I was a student at Grace, I took a lot of things for granted, such as my classes, teachers, chapel, and so much more. Still, I want to take everything that I learned during my time here at Grace School as a student and give it back to the kids as a Student Ministries Associate. I want them to realize not to take their time at Grace for granted because it really will help you through your life experiences. God has given me this opportunity to come back, grow, and support, which I hope to accomplish. I often reflect on my time at Grace as a student and see the man I am now and how much it is due to my time spent at Grace School and Church and what I learned growing up here. I enjoy seeing a lot of familiar families and faces; some old and some new ones. It feels like I am back with my family, which brings so much joy to my heart.

How did Grace impact your decision to come back and be a part of it?

Faith was ingrained in me from a very young age and is part of who I am. It took me a very long time to realize that, but there was no stopping once I did. When I started my time at Baylor University, I had no intention to go into ministry until my sophomore year, when it all changed. It almost felt like a calling from God, and this was always His plan for me. I reflected on my time at Grace School and realized how much I took it for granted. This is my passion and calling, and giving back to my community and God was what I was meant to do. Ultimately, my job is to plant and water the seeds for our students and see how they grow over time. I am excited to see the outcomes.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years and beyond?

I see myself at Grace for a very long time. I want to continue to grow the student ministry and be a constant in the lives of my students—someone who will see them grow and walk with them. The kids mean so much to me, and I can’t wait to see what Jesus does for them.

Any advice for our eighth graders looking for a High School, career, and beyond?

One piece of advice I would like to give is that there will be a lot of distractions in the world. There will be times that you don’t think you’re good enough. Don’t stop believing in yourself; lean into Jesus and others for help. Ultimately, you will find the answers to many questions you have. I tried so hard and worried so much about what my friends and others thought of me. I wanted to be the perfect person, only to realize that leaning into Jesus was the goal, and everything else works out like it’s meant to be.


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