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Health Forms

Emergency Sheet

Physical Exam Form

Health Record

Texas Health and Human Services Information Sheet

(Primary School families only)

Additional Health Center Forms

These additional forms are only required if requested by the school nurse.


Middle School Community Service

Gators Serve Their Community

Community Service Verification Form

ID Badge Request Form

Complete and submit this form to request an ID Badge for individual(s) other than the custodian parents/legal guardians who will pick up a student daily or frequently (examples include: nannies, caregivers, Grandparents, etc.)

Grace School Uniforms

The Grace School Store at Lands’ End provides complete uniform checklists for each grade by gender to make it easy to shop for your student(s).

The Steps – How to Shop

  1. Click on the Store Link Button
  2. Enter our Grace School Preferred School CodeĀ 900185810
  3. Enter your Student’s name and select Gender and Grade
  4. Click SAVE SCHOOL
  5. Click on Create One to create an account
    (Located beneath the Google Sign In)

  6. Shop using the Grace School Uniform Checklist – Click on Show Checklist