Vol. 1 | No. 5

January 2021

Vol. 1 | No. 5

January 2021

Dear Future Grace School Gators,

Happy New Year!

At Grace School, your children are our passion. Every decision we make and every plan we create continues to elevate the exceptional learning experience we provide our students. As a community devoted to the education of young children, Grace School is committed to the following core belief statements:

  • Faith in Christ is present as we initiate purposeful change and commit to serving others.
  • In an ever-evolving world, learners require engaging instructional strategies in innovative environments.
  • Family and community partnerships are essential for student growth and progress.

Simply put, it’s a great time to be a Gator.

As we are entering the peak of admissions season, please remember that our deadline to be considered in the first round of applications is January 22, 2021. Your child’s application as well as all of the supporting components need to be submitted by this date.

Important Admissions Dates and Information:

To see the list of required components by grade level, review the Admissions Checklist. If you need hard copies of the teacher recommendation forms, they can be found here:

If your child is applying for grades K-8, now is the time to schedule your admissions testing. Contact Education Specialists at 713-461-7996 to make your appointment. Space is limited due to social distancing guidelines. You will need to complete and submit the Education Specialists Questionnaire during your testing appointment.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your child’s application, or to confirm if all documents have been submitted.

Parent Testimonial

“Grace School is an amazing place! Students are provided unique learning opportunities to grow academically, emotionally, and socially. As one of the few STEM certified campuses in Texas, 21st century learning is purposeful and real at Grace! Students are constantly engaged in the learning process through hands-on activities and projects that challenge them to apply cross-curricular understanding. Perhaps, my most favorite part of the Grace educational experience is the relationship between academic education, character education, Christian values and their application to life. Grace teachers and staff truly care for students, not just as academic learners, but as human beings. The best is wanted for its students and the best is provided at Grace School-Houston.”

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