Grace School Announces Richmond Building Remodel

During the 2022-23 school year, Grace School will add an additional structure to the existing Richmond Building. This remodel will provide the school with an Innovation Lab, reception area, admissions/business suites, conference rooms, and a community gallery.

“It’s vital for schools to create a sense of belonging for students and their families,” said Liz Walgamuth, Ed.D., Head of School. “With plans to remodel the Richmond Building, we hope this multi-story structure will create a community space everyone looks forward to visiting.”

The building will do more than give a new home for reception – it will also provide more flexible educational spaces for students and staff.

Designed to inspire hands-on learning experiences, the Innovation Lab will include space for 3D printers, technology stations, engineering, coding, robotics, and much more. The Innovation Lab will provide ample instructional space for all grade levels and provide Middle School with a state-of-the-art STEM lab.

“Having a dedicated space for our students to access advanced technology and where they feel empowered to engage in high-level problem solving is critical for student development in the 21st century,” said Walgamuth.

The new reception area will provide a clear, defined entry point and a more secured access point. Additional office suites and conference space will provide our staff and stakeholders with areas to meet and collaborate.

The new building will also include a community gallery, allowing students to connect with local artists and showcase their original art. The gallery space will be both meaningful and relevant to all grade levels by offering students the opportunity to engage with and experience the art of world cultures in all mediums.

“At Grace School, we focus on innovation, creativity, and collaboration. By adding a modernized building, we can further align our current instructional practices with the physical learning environment,” said Walgamuth.

We look forward to sharing more updates.

About Grace School
Grace School is a private, Christian school in Houston, Texas serving students from ages 20 months through Grade 8. Uniquely combining a faith-based STEM curriculum, Grace School fosters an environment where children develop the skills and mindsets to become compassionate innovators, problem solvers, creators, and changemakers.