Vol. 1 | No. 6

February 2021

Vol. 1 | No. 6

February 2021

Dear Future Grace School Gators,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope today and everyday, is filled with all of the things we love. Our family, our friends, and the many simple things that bring us joy.

A few days ago I was walking down the hallway with one of our 3-year-olds who had just arrived to school. He had the biggest smile on his face, looked up at me and said “I love school, it just makes me so happy!” Sharing love and happiness is contagious. I instantly smiled from ear-to-ear, and thought, I too LOVE Grace School.

I decided to ask several students, parents, and teachers what it is that they love about Grace School. Here are a few of their answers:

“Everything! I just love it all so much!” – Kindergarten student

“There are books and story time and treasure books.” – Kindergarten student

“I love how nice the teachers are at Grace” – 3rd grade student

“I love Grace teachers. I love them because they always engage us in the lesson and make sure we fully understand the concept. They make learning fun!” – 6th grade student

“I love Grace School because the school has fun electives like art and the teachers are really generous, helpful, and caring. Another reason why I love Grace is because they let us go outside and play kickball. I have been at Grace for 8 years and have always had fun especially playing the sports and winning the conference championship in soccer.” -6th grade student

“I love it because my kids LOVE being here. They never want to miss school. They love their friends, their teachers and they feel like the school is theirs. It’s “their” school which makes them feel comfortable and safe. AND I know that my kids are loved and cherished for being themselves.” – current parent

“I love that my children are known as the unique individuals that they are. The teachers know their strengths, their weaknesses and what makes them who they are. My kids absolutely love coming to school! I can’t imagine a better home away from home for them. The academics, faith-based, STEM, and character development are all the things we are looking for in our children’s education.” – current parent

I hope that you and your family are staying safe and warm this weekend!

Important Admissions Dates and Information:

Our admissions committee is currently reviewing completed applications, and we are very excited about the outstanding candidates we have for next year! The first round of admissions decisions will be sent by March 12th.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your child’s application, or to confirm if all documents have been submitted.

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